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Nancy: Singing to Reach the Eternity of Now
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A great feature article in Whidbey Life Magazine by Russell Clepper.
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Photo by Marsha Morgan, Copyright; all rights reserved.

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Considered by critics and audiences alike as one of the most vibrant, inspiring and innovative vocalists in the Northwest.

"Nolan is a vibrant and versatile vocalist — always singing to the heart of the song."       Earshot Jazz

"Authentic and warm."
      Diane Kaufman, owner Ott and Murphy Wines

"Of course, the heart and soul of it all was the singing. I think there is no one else like her. All in all a perfect performance and a delightful evening." South Whidbey Record

"A very fine jazz singer, as I'm sure many people have already advised you, and you may now feel free to quote my agreement on the theme."
      Steve Allen, legendary composer, comedian and jazz artist.

"Nancy has one of the finest voices I've ever heard!"
      Andrea Marcovicci, the Queen of Cabaret.

"A wonderful jazz singer of particular interest... her own original style... thoughtful and emotional."
      Steve Allen, legendary composer, comedian and jazz artist.

Nancy Nolan has "... stage presence, GREAT POWER, phrasing, and — most importantly control, always managing to land on the right note no matter how intricate the phrase."
      Earshot Jazz

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